LEE Filters SW150 Little Stopper filter 150x150mm

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The LEE Filters SW150 Little Stopper filter has a delay of approx. 6 stops ( 5 1/3 to 6 2/3 ), our advice is to do some tests before using the filter to ensure correct exposure compensation .

Some instructions for using the Little Stopper filter:

  • Determine your composition before placing the Little Stopper filter in the holder.
  • Measure the light without the Little Stopper filter in the holder and set the desired combination of aperture and shutter speed.
  • Multiply your exposure by a factor of 6, for example your metering is 1/250sec at f11, with the Little Stopper filter your exposure time will be 1/4 sec. at f11, or if your meter shows for example 2 sec at f11, then with the Little Stopper that is already 2 minutes!
  • Now place the Little Stopper filter in the holder, it has a foam sealing edge at the back, the sides with less foam on the edge go into the filter slots and pay attention! the filter must always be placed in the first slot (closest to the front glass of the lens) of the filter holder with the foam edge facing the holder.</ li>
  • Always use the most solid tripod you have available for shooting long exposures, and be careful not to touch the tripod or camera during the exposure time.
  • Close the eyepiece of your camera so that no light can enter through the viewfinder, this prevents flare.

The SW150 Little Stopper filter can be used in combination with other filters, such as the Soft-, Medium- and Hard Grad filters. Place and position these filters first before placing the Little Stopper in the first slot (closest to the front lens) as indicated earlier.

The use of the Little Stopper filter can cause a blue color cast, the instruction booklet points this out to you, however, if you photograph in RAW then the color cast can easily be removed afterwards, another correction option is that you set the color temperature to setting your camera to a high Kelvin value (for example 10000 Kelvin), that will remove much of the possible blue cast in advance.

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