HAIDA PROII 95mm CPL-VND 2 in 1 Filter (HD4781-95)

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The HAIDA PROII CPL-VND filter is a combination of a Circular Polarization filter (CPL) and an ND (Variable Neutral Density) filter, the filter can provide a delay of 3 to 7 stops without a so-called X cross being visible, which is this is the case with variable ND filters that are made from 2 polarization filters, otherwise the filter has a nice neutral appearance and is also excellent for use with video.

The construction and build quality of the Haida Pro II CPL-VND 2 In 1 Filter is excellent. The filter ring is made of an aluminum alloy, the glass is K9 optical glass with a 16-layer coating on both sides.

It is waterproof, oil resistant and scratch resistant.

Both the CPL and the VND rotate smoothly, Haida has found a good balance between the rotatability/adjustability of both, once they are in the desired position there is enough resistance that the CPL and VND remain in place, nothing changes the settings. That’s important for handheld video work where you track a subject and move the camera at some speed.

An eye for detail are the clear markings on the VND ring, the ND stops are clearly marked and the design of the filter prevents over-rotation. 3 stops of VND is the minimum, 7 is the maximum and you cannot turn the VND past those points.

The filter threat on the the front size is 105mm


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