LEE 105mm Circulair Polariser filter

LEE 105mm Circulair Polariser filter
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LEE 105 mm ProGlass Circulair polarisatiefilter, om dit filter i.c.m. een LEE filterhouder te kunnen gebruiken heeft u een LEE 105 mm Front Holder ring for Polariser ( art.nr: LEE09901) nodig.
Wilt u het gebruiken voor Landschapsfotografie dan raden wij u aan voor het LEE Landscape Polarisatiefilter te kiezen.

LEE 105 mm ProGlass Circular Polariser, for use in combination with a LEE filterholder you need to use a LEE 105 mm polariser adapter ring.
Kenmerken: / Features:
  • model: LEE Filters 105mm Proglass Circular Polariser
  • LEE art.nr: CIRCPLGLS105
  • filtermaat: / filtersize: 105mm

Polarising filters are used to manage light at wavelength scale, and if magnified could be likened to a series of microscopic slats.
In use, as the filter is rotated, it either transmits or blocks the waves of light that are vibrating in particular orientations.

When light from the sun bounces of a flat non metallic surface, such as glass or water it becomes polarised - ie: all of the reflected light waves vibrate in the same plane.
This reflected glare can be removed by the polarising filter as it is rotated to the optimum position.
In photographic terms this can render water or glass transparent, and gives the impression of saturating colours in a scene because much of the reflected glare from the subject is removed by the filter.

On a sunny day, much of the light in the sky is also polarised, and the filter will give a very strong blue effect when used at an angle close to 90 degrees to the sun – any white clouds will stand out impressively against such a dark blue background.

There are two types of polariser, linear and circular.
These names bear no relation to the physical shape of the filter itself but refer instead to the way the light waves are transmitted through the filter to achieve the polarising effect, the type of filter required depends on your camera.
If you use an autofocus SLR (digital or 35mm) in, for example spotmetering mode, you will need a circular polariser, this is because a linear polariser will interfere with the complex metering and AF systems of modern cameras.
If you use a manual focus camera, whether 35mm or medium format, you can use either a circular or linear polarizer.

If you are still unsure of the type of polariser you require, check your camera's instruction manual.
LEE Filters produce both types of polariser in two versions: a rotating 105mm diameter version and a 100 x 100mm square version.
The 105mm rotating polariser attaches to the filter system via a 105mm Accessory Ring which fits to the front of the filter holder.
This allows the polariser to be rotated independently of any other filters in the holder, it is the ideal solution for landscape photography, where a combination of graduated filters and polariser may be required.

The 100 x 100mm square polariser slots into the filter holder, which is then rotated to achieve the desired effect.
This version is recommened for studio use, or when no graduated filters are required in addition to the polariser.



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