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Leveranciers nummer:DVD/Chasing Light
Voorraad:6 st. beschikbaar
€ 24.95
Chasing the Light is een inspirerend en leerzame DVD, fotograaf David Noton geeft aan de hand van praktijkvoorbeelden inzicht in de techniek van de landschapsfotografie onder alle lichtomstandigheden, van een mistig locatie bij Glastonbury naar de kliffen op Lands End en het in herfstkleuren badende New Forest.

 Chasing the Light is an inspirational and educational DVD exploring the essentials of landscape photography. Acclaimed international photographer David Noton examines the development of a photographic vision with practical hands on demonstrations, tuition, insights and examples at a number of inspiring locations and dramatic settings from a misty dawn at Glastonbury to the cliffs of Lands End and the autumnal glens of the New Forest.

Chasing the Light follows David in search of magical moments when the landscape is transformed by a fleeting shaft of dawn light. The skills a photographer needs to capture these moments are above all a photographic vision, an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, and a solid core of sound practical expertise, both in the field and behind the camera.

Chasing the Light examines the elements of a photographer’s vision, the challenges of working with natural light, and how to get the best from the equipment. In-the-field tutorials are combined with practical observations, stories from behind the lens and inspirational ruminations on past photographic shoots.

The DVD is currently available in a PAL UK format and is approximately 90 minutes long.

Leveranciers nummer:DVD-J-Cornish
Voorraad:2 st. beschikbaar
€ 25.00
On the DVD Landscape in Mind is a feature length documentary film that follows leading landscape photographer Joe Cornish on a photographic road trip across the north of England.

Joe Cornish makes a journey from coast to coast across the north of England tracing a path from the industrial mouth of the river Tees, through the stark and beautiful limestone scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, to the Lake District, arguably England’s most romantic and spectacular landscape. Along the way he reveals the aesthetic and physical challenges these beautiful landscapes offer a photographer.
Fascinated by industry and agriculture, as well as the much older signature of climate and geology in shaping these landscapes, he delivers an intensely curious eyewitness account that narrates the landscape’s story.
The film is a perfect combination of technical instruction and inspiration making it a must have’ for all photographers, be they advanced or amateur, but also for all those who simply love to be in the great outdoors.

Leveranciers nummer:LFBIP2
Voorraad:In voorraad
€ 17.95
Het LEE Inspriring Professionals 2 boek, bevat prachtige landschapsfotografie, technische tips en inspirerend geschreven artikelen door Engelands beste landschapsfotografen.
Ook bevat het boek een 8-tal technische artikelen geschreven door de fotografen over onderwerpen die dicht bij hun hart liggen.

LEE Filters Inspiring Professionals2 is intended as a companion to the first book, it includies the same blend of quality photography, technical tips and inspiring writing from the UKs leading landscape photographers.
Also featured in this publication are 8 technical articles, written by the photographers about subjects which are close to their hearts.
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