Really Right Stuff BXT2 adapter

Really Right Stuff BXT2 adapter
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RRS36955Leveranciers nummer
BXT2 Base plateVoorraad
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De Really Right Stuff BXT2  is de standaard adapterplaat voor de Fujifilm X-T2 body zonder de Fujifilm VPB-XT2 batterygrip

This Really Right Stuff BXT2 plate provides the foundation for additional modular options. Use the plate alone, or create an L-plate. The choice is yours. This unique functionality is only available from Really Right Stuff. 


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MagPul- Quick Disconnect (QD) System

The RRS BXT2 plate features a fully integrated Quick Disconnect (QD) mounting system.
This allows allows you to rapidly mount or dismount a support strap system from a camera body plate featuring a QD mounting socket.
QD release systems are a professionally proven system with many already existing third party options, offering a robust 50lbs load capacity when used with our quick release plates



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