LEE100 Landscape Polarisatie filter

219.00 Incl. VAT / BTW

The LEE Filters 105mm Landscape Circular Polarization filter has a nice slim design and can be used in combination with. an approx. 16-17 mm objective on a 35mm Full Frame sensor and a Foundation Kit filter holder with 2 mounted filter slots.

As an extra, The Landscape Polariser has a somewhat warmer display, not only can you reduce/remove glare from reflective surfaces or increase the contrast between a blue sky and white clouds, but you also enhance/improve the display of green, brown and gold tones that we often seen in the landscape.

And because the filter must be mounted in front of the Foundation filter holder, the filter slots remain free so that you can apply additional filters for further creative applications.
For use in combination with the LEE Filters Foundation kit you need the LEE 105 mm Front Holder ring for Polariser (art.nr: FH105FHR).

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