Haida 82mm GND0.9 NanoPro Magnetic filter ( HD4675-82 )

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Haida NanoPro Magnetic Gradient Gray ND0.9 Filter.
(delivery excluding adapter ring)

The Haida NanoPro Magnetic ND0.9 Gray Gradient (GND) filter is used to balance the light and contrast in photos, it’s clear in the lower part of the filter before going into a full 3-stop reduction of light in the darkest part, the filter can be rotated to allow you to adjust the gradation in the darkest part. align photo.

The special Haida NanoPro-Multicoating helps to eliminate reflections and maintain color neutrality, the Multicoating also ensures that the filter is easy to clean.

Once the magnetic adapter ring (sold separately) is attached to the lens, the filter is simply, securely and firmly attached to the ring and can also be removed quickly and easily thanks to the magnetic system.

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